Power Washing

Have you noticed a build-up of dirt and grime on your property's siding? Does it feel impossible to clean yourself? Well, that's probably because it is...unless you have the right equipment. And at Hyde’s Power Washing, we do! Our power washers can blast through dirt on virtually any surface.

We can clean almost anything on your residential, commercial or industrial buildings such as siding, brick, awnings and driveways. We also remove debris from gutters and clean and seal wooden decks and fencing!

Gutter Clean out


The Fall and Winter can be hard on our homes gutters. Were here to help your homes through those tough times. Hyde's Consolidated services is now offering Gutter Clean out's at an affordable price.

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Hardwood Installation


Are you trying to get your home ready to sell, or maybe you just have some unfinished trim you just haven't gotten around to putting up yet? Let us help! Hyde's Consolidated Services is now available to work on your minor home repairs.

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